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All in all, the fantastic Luxe collections all embody the idea that anyone can enjoy luxury for less in their homes. We offer a wide range of different items for use around your home. There are many items of furniture and accessories to choose from, but all of them offer luxury for less. Here, you can find all of the wonderful, beautiful items in our collections. Let's take a look at some of the many items that you can expect to find when you shop with Luxe Home Interiors:
Luxe Collections for the Living Room
Seating solutions are at your fingertips! We have a wide range of sofas, chairs, stools, and other seating options for you to choose from for your living room, or for use elsewhere in your home.
Other furniture is also our forte. In our collections you will find furniture for every eventuality. We have a selection of coffee tables, side tables, occasional tables, console tables and other items to make it easier than ever to customise the layout and design of your home.
Storage solutions can also be found here in abundance. We have sideboards, cabinets, cupboards, storage trunks and display units for all your living room storage needs and storage for use throughout the home. Storage makes it easier to keep your home looking good and feeling tidy and uncluttered. Order your life and home and shop our storage solutions today.
No home interior design will succeed without the right lighting, so we have plenty of lighting options for you to choose from too. We have chandeliers and ceiling lights, floor standing lamps, wall lamps or table lamps, plus a range of lanterns and light shades, so you can do more to personalise the look and feel of your home.
Luxe Collections for the Bedroom
We also have a wide range of items for your bedroom. A bedroom's design is important, as it is vitally important that we can all get enough sleep to remain happy and healthy, and the environment is crucial to a good night's sleep. When we add luxury items to our bedrooms for less, we can ensure that we can rest easy, no matter what else may be going on in our lives.
Beds and mattresses are of course the most crucial elements in bedroom interior design. The right bed and the right mattress can make a big difference – not only to the look and feel of your bedroom but also to your health and state of mind.
Bedheads can also add a little something to your bedroom, both in terms of practicality and aesthetics. Choose one of our luxury bedheads and you will be able to add something extra to any bed.
Bedding should not be neglected either. We have luxury bedding to help you have a comfortable and cosy night's sleep, with options to suit and match with a wide range of interior design styles in your bedroom.
Looking beyond the bed, getting your bedroom to reflect who you are, and making sure that it meets all of your needs and looks great, it is important to make sure that all the other bedroom furniture and bedroom storage in the room is right too. We can make all of that easier too, with our fantastic collections of bedroom seating, bedside tables, drawers, dressing tables and stools and wardrobes in a range of delightful styles to suit almost any bedroom.
Luxe Collections for the Dining Room
A beautiful dining room should be like a stage, on which you 'perform' your evening dinners, whether they are casual affairs for family and/or friends, or more formal and elaborate dinner parties. It is easy to make sure your stage is set to perfection when you shop our Luxe collections for the dining room.
Of course tables are crucial to dining room design, and are usually a centre-piece, centre stage, at the heart of the room. It is important to choose the right table when choosing new furniture for your dining room. In our range, you'll find plenty of great tables to choose from, to suit almost any personal tastes or style of interior design.
Of course we also have plenty of chairs to accompany the table that you choose. These chairs can definitely add a flair and personality to your dining room, whether you go for something contemporary or a more traditional, classic look.
Dining Sets make your job even easier, as you can buy table and chairs together to get great deals and make sure that you get a cohesive interior design look in your dining room. Choose one of our great dining sets today and you will be able to get cracking on creating the dining room of your dreams.
Home bar items and bar stools can also add to your dream dining room and we have plenty of options for both, along with drinks cabinets and other storage solutions such as sideboards to make it easier than ever to serve your guests in style.
Kitchen items in our range will make your kitchen a place that you want to spend plenty of time. With the perfect dining room, you'll want to cook for your household and for any guests more often than ever before. Our range of kitchen items makes it easier to do just that, and will help you create a kitchen environment that makes food prep a breeze.
Luxe Accessories Collections
Once you have your décor and furniture sorted, you will want to turn your attention to the accessories. In our amazing range for every eventuality, you will find plenty of items that are perfect for your own home, or for giving as gifts.
We have Candle Holders, Clocks, Cushions, Decorative items, Throws , Trays, Wall Art, Wallpapers, Coat Racks, Hampers & Gift Sets and Flowers & Artificial Plants, a wide range of beautiful items that can truly enhance your home and give you luxury for less.
So, why not browse all the items in our luxe collections, to give you inspiration and to find the perfect items for your dream home?